Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Recap

How was everyone's weekend? Recovered from Christmas yet? Mine was great, especially Saturday. Saturday was all about me! Billy helped me take the recycling off, but I drove so we went wherever I wanted. First stop - Walmart. I wanted to see if there was any Christmas stuff left. It was definitely picked over pretty good, but I managed to find a few things - ornaments, cards, a cute little Santa server with spreader, and a purse cookie jar. Don't ask me what on earth I'm going to do with the cookie jar, but it was only $4.50 so I figured why not.

Then I forced him to go to Sally's Beauty Supply, where I got some more goodies. I got some replacement blades for my PedEgg, a glass nail filer, China Glaze - White On White, and Orly Bonder - I needed a basecoat and this one says it's rubberized, hmmm.

Had a quick look inside TJ Maxx since it was next door. And then to Jason's Deli for lunch and had a gigantic baked potato. We braved the mall so I could go to Dillard's to drool over the Coach bags. My second favorite was on clearance for $250. There was a Bleecker Tote on clearance for $200, but it wasn't black. I didn't get anything. It's easier to dream about having these bags, but when it comes down to putting the money on the table, I start getting nervous.

My second favorite. $250. They had 2 left. Should I have gotten it?

My absolute favorite. $200. If they had it in black (instead of blue), I know I would have gotten it. Oh, well, the search for the perfect black tote continues.

Anyway, the day ended with Starbucks and then Cheetos for dinner! It was a great day. Every Saturday should be 'all about Angie' day!

How about you - how was your weekend? Buy any goodies for yourself?

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Rachael said...

I am actually planning to take my gift cards and buy a new Purse! Ya-hoo! I always have such a hard time deciding what color, design, shape, etc. Love that black purse you have in your post!

Oh, and I want an interesting and unique necklace too :-)

gingela5 said...

Love both those purses! I am with you on putting down the money--I drooled over a Michael Kors bag for months and then I thought about buying it and couldn't do it! My weekend was not nearly as fun as yours!

kjamama said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! It sounds like you had a great day! I've eaten at a Jasons Deli OK....I wonder if it's the same chain??

Ali said...

Unfortunately, I have NOT recovered from Christmas yet! Today I'm catching up on my blogging and getting all the wrapping paper up off the floor.

kel said...

I so want to go shopping!! We are broke as a joke right now though. BUt I could really go for all day shopping trip with my girlfriends!! I love the purses.. but wow, out of my price range!

Grand Pooba said...

I have yet to go shopping to spend all the gift cards I received for Christmas but I'm hoping to this week!

Those two purses are so friggin cute! I too have a hard time spending that much money on a purse!

Kristen Andrews said...

purse shopping is so tricky it takes me forever to select the perfect handbag, it makes me crazy. It has to feel right on your shoulder. I love my current bag but it is like a black hole, I can never find anything!

Lump said...

a purse cookie jar?? Oh I love it! way too cute!