Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013

Where did February go?!  I guess I've been busy!

February 13th.  What a day.  I look exhausted, but Katie looks ready to eat.  Someday soon I need to write down her birth story so I don't forget.  I'm not sure I have time right now, I still have to go to the bathroom, take a shower, and clean the kitchen before she wakes up again.  The short version - it seemed like everything was going wrong!  We were scheduled to be at the hospital 8 pm February 12th, but we didn't get a room until an hour later.  After an hour and a half, a nurse finally came in to start an IV.  It took her 3 times.  Ouch.  The next day, the epidural didn't work the first time, so they had to do it again.  Ouch.    After a certain point, being induced wasn't working out, so it was time for a c-section.  I guess the epidural wasn't working well enough, I wasn't numb, so they had to put me under.  I wasn't really disappointed, but Billy was since he wasn't allowed in then.  I seriously don't know how women do this more than once!

Love love love this sweet face.

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