Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Recap

I finally got my tree up this past weekend! I'm only a week late, I guess that's ok. I had forgotten that I was storing the tree and ornaments at my parent's house. My sister was able to bring them down last Thursday. Speaking of which, she came down to be my witness in court. I'm officially divorced. It took about 5 minutes, did it myself - no lawyer, and I liked the judge because she told me I did a good job! Ha ha!

In between court and McAlister's, we went to TJ Maxx. They must have gotten a new shipment of Dooney's in. And I think I saw a store employee take a D&B duffle or travel bag to the back, I guess to hide it for herself. Surely that's a no-no. They had the cutest Juicy Couture wallets, but I'm still liking my pink one from Target.

A few highlights from this weekend:
Christmas tree
Senor Tequila (fajitas, Chili's makes the best fajitas though)
New Moon (finally started)
Nightmare Before Christmas (I'm starting a tradition)

A few lows:
Just one - I worked all weekend. But I'm off today!

Quick question - what's one highlight from your weekend?

Enjoy some Christmas tree pics!

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Jenn P. said...

What a great tree! I love your ornaments too.

Ali said...

Pretty tree! Surely you have never hid an item at Sears so no customer would buy it, hmmmm?:)

My weekend highlight? I took a nap on Saturday!

gingela5 said...

Beautiful tree! And you have a nice TJ Maxx I never see brands like that at ours! Highlight from this weekend? Shopping with my hubby!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love those noel and joy ornaments...fab! where are they from???

thanks for stopping by my blog today!

AndreaLeigh said...

Gorgeous! I'm not sure what to say about your divorce - congrats? I'm sorry? I'm sorry you have to read my drivel? :) Thanks for comimg by my blog today.

Kristen Andrews said...

very pretty, we still need to put ours up. We had a crazy weekend all all work and not much play!

Grand Pooba said...

Wow! What a tree! Thats friggin amazing, makes my tree look like a stump with a star on top!

I love TJ Maxx! I just recently got the cutest purse and coat from there! Love it!

Oh, highlight of my weekend. Holding my new nephew :)

NJDecorator said...

Wow, this really was the tree decorating weekend.

WTG on the judge compliment - always nice to get props.

Found you via SITS...

Lump said...

your tree looks amazing!! I don't have a tree. my dogs would eat it.

highlight from my weekend: FREE FOOD. :)