Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012

Hmmmm.....why is the rest of my work schedule calendar empty?  Oh, that's right, I'm quitting! 5 more hours and I'm done!  I know the baby isn't due until February, but I really didn't want to work through the holidays.  When you work in retail, you can't enjoy them.  So, this will be the first time in 17 years that I will actually get to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I'm so excited!  Ok, it feels a little weird and I'm a little scared too, but more than anything I'm excited!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

These two together are something else.  Sheldon is on the left and my sister's dog, Indie, is on the right.  They love love love to play.  And they play hard.  Sheldon played too hard while visiting last Saturday, and he tore his front paw pads.  BOTH front paws. I think they only bled a minute and he limped around the next day, but they look pretty good so I think they will heal just fine.  Crazy dogs.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13, 2012

26 weeks!  Yesterday's appointment went fine.  Did the usual - blood pressure check (it was a little high, but lower the second time they checked it right before I left), weigh in (I'm not telling yet), peed in a cup (I can't see what I'm doing when I do this!  Haha), and listened to the baby's heartbeat (yay!). I drank the orange glucose drink (and I liked it!), so they took blood this visit.  And I got my flu shot.  I'm pretty sure I've never had one before.  New pregnancy symptom - lower back pain, I mean really lower.  Actually, I should just say it's like butt cramps.  Thankfully, Google tells me I'm not alone.

We went to my family's house last Saturday and my sister took some pics for me.  I didn't plan very well, otherwise I would have worn a different shirt and put on real shoes instead of slippers.  Although, my slippers are about the only pair of shoes that fit my big feet nowadays.


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1, 2012

Pay no attention to the dandruff.  If I can find some earplugs, we may attempt another bath today.  No, the real issue here is his tail.  He used to have a pretty white tip of a tail.  Not anymore.  When I say he chews on everything, I really do mean everything!

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