Monday, April 27, 2009

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

I think I'm going to take some time off from my blog. Thanks to everyone who has ever read this silly little thing.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009


I can't really do a weekend recap, because I didn't do anything exciting. I know, when has that ever stopped me? Random stuff, here we go -

1. Stopped by Toys R Us this weekend for my sister. She's getting her youngest these signs for his birthday, and so I posed with them and sent the pic from my phone just to make sure. I wanted to post this picture to show off my purse. I'm still loving it.

2. Horrible picture, but these are some of the kites that people fly near where I live. Wish the picture showed just how neat these really are. Do people still say neat? The third one reminds of a scary black floaty ghost dream I once had, not to be confused with the scary mummy ghost dream.

3. Hey Ali, you like Michael Kors. Saw these cute shoes on the Dillard's website ($110).
He also makes some pretty cute flip flops ($49). They come in red too, but I like these black ones!4. Can't stop playing typeracer.

5. Watched Nights in Rodanthe this past weekend. Got it thinking it might be fun to have a good cry. It didn't do anything for me though.

Hope everyone else's weekend was a bit more exciting! See you Wednesday!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Dam Bridge

No Food Friday post, but I do have a quick little food story. I was making myself some kind of cauliflower soup kind of thing and was cutting the core out of it when the entire head of cauliflower somehow took flight and flew right into the dog and cat's water bowl. Water went everywhere, Maggie was wondering if it was some sort of treat, and I froze for a second thinking that I should get a picture of this. Then the thought of germy, animal slobbery water made me snatch it up and throw it in the sink. I just rinsed it off and cooked it. My immune system is better for it.

The cauliflower is my attempt at eating better. That's going well, as is my exercising. I try to make it out to the Big Dam Bridge as often as possible and yesterday I took a zillion pictures.

About to cross the little bridge. I walk to almost where the Big Dam Bridge starts to curve (left edge of the picture), it takes about 30 minutes to get to that point.

Sometimes a train will pass by.

Look at all the turtles!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great Easter! The rain and work ruined my plans. I wanted to get off early and ride with Billy on the motorcycle to my hometown. And then eat all the Reese's peanut butter eggs out of my nephews Easter basket. Oh well, next week I'll be visiting for Little pup's 5th birthday so I will have cupcakes to look forward to.

I spent Friday night cleaning. It shouldn't have taken me 2 and a half hours, but Three Kings was on tv and you know how I feel about Marky Mark. Loved waking up Saturday morning to a clean house, maybe I'll do that from now on.

It was so pretty out Saturday. Stuff I did - I had a wonderfully relaxing lazy morning, ate a late late lunch at Jason's Deli, I managed to make myself take a 30 minute walk, went with Billy to air up tires on another Z car that he bought (he has 2 now, trying to decide which body he wants to work with), a trip to the store for movie snacks (cereal), and we watched Max Payne that night (another Marky Mark movie).

Speaking of this other Z car, it's been sitting in the same spot since 1985, and in the glove box was a Wendy's matchbook.

As I said earlier, I had to work Sunday, but afterwards - I got a short nap, went to Starbucks and had one of their $3.95 deals (tall latte and coffee cake), went to the store for movie snacks again (pizza), watched The Duchess (really good), and I finally did my taxes (yay - a refund, boo - I'm giving it to a credit card).

I'm not a gigantic fan of frozen pizza, but I really like the white pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. I've convinced myself that it's good for me with the spinach and reduced fat mozzarella and the low sugar. It's really good, you should try it.

Is it bad that I'm already wishing it was the weekend again?! By the way, what's your favorite movie snack?

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Favorite Meme

No Food Friday today. I haven't made anything worth writing about lately. Except for the Jello/Cool Whip Parfaits. I just haven't been quick enough with my camera, and they seem to disappear quick. But, it makes for a pretty healthy dessert. Maybe healthy isn't the right word, but it fits into my diet plan. And they are really good.

Instead, I stole a meme from my sister. I quizzed Billy with a list of my favorites to see how well he knows me. Actually, I guess I don't really know myself since on most of them I didn't have a favorite narrowed down. So these are his answers, and he did a pretty good job.

Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf. Good answer. I have been listening to it over and over again ever since he got me Hits Out Of Hell for my birthday.

He said "You have lots of favorites." What's that supposed to mean?! It's true, though.

Pink. Easy.

Time of Day:
After work. Actually, I really enjoy night time - about 10 to midnight. I know I should go to bed earlier, and I always try, but never stick with it.

Again, he said lots, but then he said Starbucks. Good answer, even if just naming Starbucks isn't really a drink.

Gin and tonic. Absolutely. I'll have another.

Dillard's. I think the only reason he said this is because that's the only place around here that has Coach, and I'm always wanting to go drool over the purses and shoes.

He said my hometown! I laughed and laughed! I have sentimental feelings toward my hometown, but it's not my favorite. Not quite sure what is. I guess it would be where I live now.

Giant gumballs. I know where all the giant gumball machines are.

First he said tulips (not true at all), but then he kept talking and turns out he meant calla lilies. I think pink roses comes in first with the calla lilies a close second.

Christmas! No way he could get this one wrong. I love Christmas (only 259 days to go!).

He just started naming off places - Olive Garden, Chili's, Jason's Deli, Dixie Cafe, Shorty Smalls... So I like going out to eat. It's a hobby.

How about you? What are some of your favorites?

Have a good weekend, everybody! And Happy Easter!

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Monday, April 6, 2009


The bloggy world was very good to me last week. First of all, the totally gorgeous Miss Eve gave me a sexy blogger award! Can you believe it? No, I can't either. I'm supposed to list 5 sexy things about me, but I would be here all week trying to come up with something. Instead, just go check out Evi's blog and be amazed by all the hotness.

Also, I won a giveaway! AP over at Drawing Closer To Him, has had some pretty awesome giveaways. I was very fortunate to win a Yoplait Fiber One Giftpack (nutrition journal, pedometer, kitchen scale, water bottle and yogurt). Great timing too, I'm a week into my diet and exercise plan and I'm doing really good. Can't wait to use that pedometer.

And, lastly, in blogging news, today is my 100th post! As it says in my profile over to the left, I started out posting just once a week about stuff I like - it was on Mondays and I talked about makeup, nail polish, jewelry, etc. And it wasn't even my idea. I listened to my sister talk about her blog and it seemed like a really fun thing. But, I wanted her to write about girly things. She wouldn't. Instead, she called me up one day and told me to go to this site. She had it all fixed up and told me to start writing. My once a week postings turned into 3 times a week because, just as my profile says, I thought I should have a hobby. It's been fun! And thanks to everyone for reading!

Time for random pics!

Billy and his drums.

Me with my camera phone.

My 4 year old nephew driving a tractor with my dad.

My dad and nephews. See the little head popping out of the trailer?!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

It's Food Friday!

I'm trying to lose a few pounds, ok, more like 15, so I'm trying to eat a little better. It's been going pretty good. Especially with recipes like this. I happen to love brussels sprouts, and I've never roasted them before so with Ina Garten's recipe I made them the other night and they were delicious!

I used frozen brussels sprouts and thawed them first. Since I liked them a lot, then maybe fresher would be even better. Also, I really just eyeballed the rest of the ingredients (salt, pepper, olive oil) as well as adding some balsamic vinager and parmesan cheese at the end. If you make these, I highly recommend the balsamic vinegar. I think I did 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Also, since it's Food Friday, I'm going to post pics of the tacos my sister made for me the last time I visited. I'll have to start thinking of something else from her recipes to request for my next visit.

Ok, bad idea posting these because after these pictures I'm pretty sure no one is even thinking about my brussels sprouts now!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - This Is Why I'm Not In Shape

(Trying to do yoga with my nephew around. Also, please ignore my alien foot.)

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