Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Food Friday without Recipes

It's Food Friday! Well, kinda sorta. Once again, I didn't fix anything to blog about. I've been living off of rolls dipped in olive oil and vinegar. But my sister, Ali, came to visit yesterday and we had lunch at McAlister's.

Ali acting silly with the cookies.

Me stealing everyone's cookies.

Ali liking the sweet tea.

Me REALLY liking the sweet tea.

Ali acting silly eating.

Billy NOT acting silly eating. He really takes gigantic bites like that.

Thankfully, it wasn't very crowded so not many people had to witness the foolishness going on at our table.

Does everyone have a McAlister's near you? Or maybe a Jason's Deli? I like them both for different reasons. I like McAlister's Rotel cheese dip. And I like the big potatoes better at Jason's Deli. What's your favorite sandwich shop?

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KimandCo said...

Hey, I just stopped over from Ali's site. I LOVE Jason's Deli, but we don't have them in OH. We lived in Kansas (Kansas City area) for three years and had a Jason's Deli nearby. I ate there once a week. We do have McAlister's and I like them, too, but not as much. Love their tea!

Ali said...

I didn't know you were gonna post ALL of those pictures! Man, those cookies were goooooood!

The Heckathorns said...

I LOVE McAlisters! We have one and I can drink their sweet tea all day! One of my best friends ever is a district manager for Jason's Deli in Phoenix and he loves it! (just for the food) Oh, and i'm a bloggy friend of your sisters and had to see all the funny pictures! :)

Shannon said...

I absolutely love Jason's Deli! The closest one is 20 miles from me though, but I can't complain cuz I went without for 3 years in Ohio. When I'd go back to Dallas for vacation, I'd always go. Even when I go up to Dallas twice a month now I almost always go! Yumm! We have McAlister's, but I don't like it nearly as much. I love sandwich places in general though.

Jenn P. said...

It looks like you guys had a great time and what amazing looking cookies!

Maggie said...

We have a McAllister's here too and those sugar cookies are a MUST HAVE!! LOL

OK, that pic of him is so funny - my husband takes big bites like that, too!! Sometimes his whole head shakes to get his mouth around the food! LOL

tollesons4him said...

I love McAlisters, I don't get to eat there except for when we are visiting in Arkansas. I came to visit to see Ali's crazy pictures I have been missing a lot by not visiting your blog I must say I will have to be a stalker now great blog!!!

gingela5 said...

We have a McAlisters I love it but my hubby doesn't so I never eat there! I should though because all that food looks delicious!

Lump said...

what the hell is McAlisters?! Texas may have one but you know, I don't really keep up with Texas even though I do live here.

you girls are too cute! and damn those are some big cookies. ;)

Grand Pooba said...

Mmmmm, didn't even know it was food Friday and I posted about food this morning....but then again I love posting about food so maybe it was just a coincidence.

Hubster and I LOVE Jason's Deli! However I have recently found a local sandwich shop called Gustos....the best!

It's worth a trip to UTAH!

Kristen Andrews said...

so glad you are having fun!

Just say Julie said...

My husband loves McAllisters for some sweet tea, but I am all about the Texas Spud at Jason's. We order it for lunch every parent conference day at school. Thanks for stopping by my blog! The list took a while, but once I got into it, I was surprised by how much I came up with :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Jason's Deli yes!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it and their free little yummy muffins!

Pass some of those stolen cookies over here...along with the sweet tea! lol


Joanne said...

Loved the pictures. We don't have a McAlister's here, but back in my hometown in Florida we have one. I got to go to it for the first time in September. Very yummy.

I found you through SITS.

Ann said... to the SITS world I'm still a little blogger shocked at the large number of talented, crazy, funny and sweet people out there. I hope you do not mind me stopping by...feel free to check out my blog. I am hosting a Give-A-Way that ends tomorrow. Check it out! :D

I have never heard of the two restaurants you talked about.... at this point I do not have a fav. we are moving around too much.

Just A Mom (call me JAM for short) said...

Stopping by from Ali's blog to say hi and look at the pics. Looks yummy! Unfortunately, we don't have a McAlister's around here (CA). Cute pictures!