Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Seriously? The weekend is over? I just need a week to lay around the house. Actually, this coming weekend I'm crossing my fingers that I get 4 days off in a row. My oldest nephew turns 6 on Friday, so I'll definitely be going to my hometown. Can't wait to see him open presents. I also can't wait for cupcakes.

Let's see...Saturday was really relaxing. I don't know why I think that, because I did a whole lot of cleaning that morning. Maybe because I wasn't on a time schedule or something. The only time specific thing was to go somewhere to eat with Billy before he left for "band practice." So, we went to the Chinese buffet place next to JCPenneys. After we ate, I got a cute top. Normally, I really don't like clothes shopping because nothing ever looks good, but I went with a specific look in mind and got lucky. I if wasn't lazy, I would have posted a pic.

Dropped Billy off and then went to Target and Walmart. Don't ask me how I managed to spend over $100 and didn't even get any food. Actually, I got makeup - $12 and a new slimshaper - $12, and I got the boys their birthday presents - $40. So, that's not too bad at all. And the dog food, cat food, and 2 bags of litter added up. Those animals need to start chipping in already.

And it snowed Saturday! It was pretty. And since I was driving around, I'm glad it wasn't sticking to the roads.

Sunday was work, as usual. Went to Burger King to try those Burger Shots. They were cute little things. Pretty good. Definitely better than White Castle or Krystal's. Anyone else tried them? Watched Billy work on the Z car. I almost had to pump up a tire, but thankfully the pump was broken. Watched Stepbrothers and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Funny.

What do you think of this swimsuit?

It's from Land's End, I think $58. Why on earth are swimsuits so expensive? Anyway, I'm never completely happy with any of them, but I like the way this one is adjustable on the sides so I can wear it longer. I think that I might like that. Sears has a navy one I can try on, maybe I'll order it in black and white (since I have about 3 pairs of black bottoms) if it fits good.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Lump said...

I usually get my bathing suits from old navy because I'm cheap. ha!

i'm definitely going to have to try those burger shots. :)

Ali said...

Burger shots sound disgusting--couldn't they come up with a better sounding name?!

Kristen Andrews said...

target is tough, I always drop too much dough. I like that suit, those are my favorite kind they are very flattering.

Grand Pooba said...

The swim suit is so cute! The only thing I have a problem with is the bottoms. Where are they?

Anonymous said...

Cute swimsuit! Argh...swim suit season....

I can be the same way at Target if I'm not paying attention...spend way too much money on nothing!

Ingrid said...

Quiet weekend here.

Please, I'm the same way I go into a store with one thing in mind and leave bags but not my money.

LOVE the swim suit top. I'm gonna check it out. Thanks.

NJDecorator said...

That pattern is adorable!