Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Talk and Pictures

Ok, I did it. I added the the 'follower' box to my blog. The reason I haven't done it until now? I am very sensitive and seeing just 1 follower - my sister - in the little box for weeks and weeks, would have just done me in. So, how about it everyone? Want to follow me? Give my self esteem a little boost, pretty please? (Thanks Ali and Eve!)

My intention for the layout of this blog, was to have cute girly stuff in the pics to the left, and my own everyday pics on the right. I still like that, but I'm just soooo lazy about updating them. So, today I'm going to post a bunch of everyday pics . Instead of boring you with my usual Weekend Recap (I ate food, I watched movies, etc.), I will be boring you with random pictures. You're welcome.

Even though I consider myself an X Phile. I finally got around to watching the latest X Files movie over the weekend. It was like an extra long show, so I liked it. By the way, there is a lot of naked Mulder dolls on ebay. Wonder what's up with that?

My sister's house - where Mulder is forced to socialize with the likes of Scarlett O'Hara.

My old cheerleading shoes. Maggie chewed on them when she was a puppy, but I'm still not throwing them away.

Painted my nails over the weekend. OPI - Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not. I hope you can tell it's purple. I'm not great at swatching.

Billy just got finished taking the fuel tank out, while I....sit.

My youngest nephew. On cupcake # ?.

My sister and Howard, both giving Lexie kisses.

My oldest nephew. Chillin' on his new bike.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! And don't forget to follow me! I'll beg if I have to!

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Miss Eve said...

Oh dear Angie! Finally the foloowing box is out there! You are such a cute and FUNNY girl, I believe, you going to have a lot's of follower after a while. Blogging is hard. I feel I have to work so much with it, I never thought it's so taugh like this. But take it step by step...people will come. I think it's very difficult to get much stuff out there and people are coming and going, it's really difficult to grab they attention, so don't be sensitive about it. I'm so happy I've "met" you here and so happy to be your follower (also so nice to see you in my followers list, thanks a lot). Keep up the good work dear and see you around. Sending you love and kisses: Evi. Ps.Your sister must be fun too...I was a Barbie collector...:-)

Ali said...

Mulder LOVES socializing with Scarlett! However, Scully does not.

Ingrid said...

Hey, Angie! I wouldn't fret over it too much. If I was concerned with comments and followers I probably would have given up blogging. While its fun to have them I'd really rather have quality over quantity! Better a few good friends that a lot of fickle ones.

Have a wonderful week!

Wolf said...

love the pictures!

people will come. it took me a bit too, and like miss eve said, it does take work. finding people, commenting on their blogs, etc. this is my second go around at blogging and i'm loving it more this time. good luck!

Grand Pooba said...

I love randomness! I always seem to take pictures of my shoes too. No matter what I'm doing.

Pretty polish!

Kristen Andrews said...

your nails look great, mine are a mess. I am glad to follow you and love seeing pics of Ali and the boys.

Shannon said...

I think I need some sugar because that cupcake looks way too delicious right now.

Drama queens mum said...

I love that nailpolish.