Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

I don't know about anywhere else, but the weather was so nice on Saturday. Almost up to 80 degrees! Billy and I went on a motorcycle ride in the afternoon and he didn't even have to use the heated grips I got him for Christmas. It was just me for the rest of the day and night, so after doing a little grocery shopping, I started on my cleaning list. I decided to be more organized with my cleaning chores so I made out a schedule - what gets done at the first of the month, what gets done on my days off, etc. - as part of my New Years resolution. Yeah, it's not working out so great. I do love making lists and checking off everything I've done, so maybe I'll just stick with that. One resolution down, let's see how many more I can break!

Little Miss Sunshine was on tv Saturday night. I'm glad I got to watch it again - I had forgotten what a good movie that was. I know it's a bit crude, but I think it's hilarious when they are on the bus and the grandpa is telling 16 year old Duane to "date" girls his age now because in a couple years it would be jail time.

After work on Sunday, we had Jason's Deli for dinner. I had the salad bar, which I would honestly get even if I wasn't trying to eat better. I did have a couple bites of Billy's barbeque potato - really good. Afterwards, we went to JCPenney's and I bought Billy a early birthday present - a remote control helicopter. I think the purpose was to torture Maggie and Studley with it. And I got a late Christmas present! He bought me G - the coconut scent from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line of perfume. He actually got me Music for Christmas (the only one I hadn't tried at that point). I don't mean to complain or be ungrateful, BUT I made a list for him and even underlined G. Men.

The night ended with a pedicure for both of us! He used my PedEgg, I poured sugar and baby oil in his hands to make a scrub, and then into the foot spa, and lastly - lotion and socks. He skipped the polish though. I did not - I got an awesome new color. I'll try to post a pic Wednesday.

Did everyone else have a good weekend? And speaking of polish - what are you wearing?

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Lump said...

I love Little Miss Sunshine. Alan Arkman is FANTASTIC.

glad you had a great weekend! I'm in dire need of a pedi. ;)

Kristen Andrews said...

I so need a pedi, u do not want to see my toes or heels!

Mama H said...

No polish here... hahaha I can't remember the last time I had polish on. As far as Jason's Deli, though... YUMMMMM!

Ali said...

And now you guys are getting ice and power outages today--crazy weather! No polish here either!

Michelle said...

It's winter, so my toes have been neglected.

Emma said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I need to do my nails haha it's a great OPI color which name has escaped me, but its mostly chiped off at this point...

Grand Pooba said...

Oh to go on a motorcycle ride in January....sigh!

You are so lucky! My husband and I go on bike rides all the time. Well, all the time in the summer that is!

I ALWAYS have to have polish on..nobody wants to see me without it.. yuck!

Rona's Home Page said...

Hubby and I worked every weekend but yes, it was a good one.
It appears that you have our high temps through.
Could you send that warmth to Vegas please?