Friday, January 30, 2009

Food Friday

Yep, here it is Food Friday and I don't even have any recipes today. Actually, I knew I would be making a few things this weekend, so I didn't make anything interesting during the week. Tonight, I think I'm going to make pies. Maybe a lemon meringue and a lemon icebox. I'm not a fan of lemon pies, but tomorrow is Billy's birthday and that's what he requested. I already bought him his present - contacts. I have a little freckle (ok, a little mole) by my left eye and the other day he said,"What's that by your eye?" I'm prettier when I'm blurry - no flaws.

But, since it is Food Friday, I am going to post a couple pics of food.

This is a cake I made a few years ago for my parent's 40th anniversary. I used boxed cake mixes (red velvet), and made my own buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant. I'd like to try something like this again, without the fondant. I like the look of a smooth cake, but I don't think I could smooth my buttercream exactly how I would want it, so maybe I'd use coconut or nuts next time to camouflage that.

Apparently, I haven't been to a Super Bowl Party since 2005. But, this Sunday, I'm going to my sister's house to enjoy the game. Actually, I really mean I'm going to eat good food. I'm not even sure what I'm bringing yet, I was thinking fruit dip since that's something I've been wanting to try to make, but I don't know yet. I do know that the baklava (made by Ali!) on that table looks really good right now. And the boneless wings, and potato skins, and the muscadine hot sauce over the cream cheese, and even the veggies and grapes.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Are you going to watch the big game? Or, are you going to be like me and use it as an excuse for a party?!

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Ali said...

Is that the last time I made baklava?! I need to make that again! Fruit dip sounds too healthy for a super bowl party--we need cheese and sour cream laden appetizers!

Grand Pooba said...

LOL! I'm laughing right now because in the middle of the post (right around buttercream frosting) I stopped and made brownies! That's how much your posts influence me girl!

Don't tell my hubster because I plan on telling him that I made them just for him!

I don't like football too much but I LOVE Super Bowl parties!

Ingrid said...

Angie, your cake is stunning! WOW, and you made your own marshmallow fondant?!! You go girl!!!