Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Memphis Vacation

I've been pretty busy since last week. I took a short 3 day vacay to Memphis, which went by way too fast. Last Tuesday, I drove 1 and a half hours to my parent's house to drop off Maggie and spent the night at my sister's house. Drove back to Little Rock, packed, and Billy and I drove to Memphis on Wednesday. On Friday, we drove to Tunica and then back to Little Rock. After work on Sunday, I drove to my sister's house, spent the night, picked up Maggie and drove back Monday night in the pouring rain. Now I need another vacation.

We had a lot of fun. The main event was going to the zoo. I was determined to see some polar bears. Thankfully, we were there during feeding time. We ate at Neely's BBQ, and did some shopping. I saw Juicy Couture bags/shoes, Kate Spade bags, and Coach jewelry, all of which I don't get to see around here.

I've never been to a casino before, and didn't think I would have as good a time as I did. But it was great - I won $115! And I only spent $15. Leave me slot machine tips in the comments!

It was nice to get away and stay at a hotel. Except the cable at the hotel was horrible. Not a lot of stations. I did discover a new guilty pleasure though - My Big Redneck Wedding on CMT. I can't even begin to describe it. Has anyone seen this show? Apparently they're in their second season. Seriously. You really need to watch this. At least once. You will cringe and want to flip the channel, but keep watching.

I'm too lazy to put up any pictures right now, I'll try to have some up soon!

Where do you like to go for a mini vacation?

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ali said...

I haven't been to Memphis in about 12 years! We went to Beale Street but I didn't really like it. I'm not into crowds. Or jazz. Or street beggars.

But we are planning another trip to Memphis next year so the boys can see a truck race.

angie said...

I'm not into going to Beale Street, but I'll go just to say I've been.