Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Juicy Couture Hat and Scarf

Is everyone excited about the colder weather? I know I am. I've already dug out my super comfy pjs - the ones with pics of hot chocolate, cake, and presents all over them. And last Friday makes the first time this season I have worn a hat and scarf. I said 'hat' but I normally call it a toboggan. Does anyone else say toboggan? I have just one - a plain black one that I'm sure cost me only $5. But I have 4 scarves - pink, green, cream, and black. My favorite is the green one (wish I had planned better and taken a pic). My brother got it for me while he was in Ireland. So, I've been looking around for something new and I looked at Coach, but didn't see anything I loved (gasp!). I also looked at Burberry, because when I think of scarves, the first image that comes to mind is that famous check print. But, I think my favorite right now is the Juicy Couture Iconic Scarf and Hat Set ($95).

Unfortunately, that's not me. The picture is from Sak's. But, what do you think? Cute, right?

And, once again, I tried another Harajuku Lovers perfume sample over the weekend - Love. I'm so bad at describing perfumes so here's what the website ( says - A sensuous floral. Base notes: creamy vanilla orchid, sensual musk, blonde wood. Mid: rose, watery peony, egyptian jasmine. Top: pink pomelo, sparkling bergamot, bamboo leaf. I would describe it as soft and pretty. I liked it but, you know, G is still my favorite!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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ali said...

Maybe you should take up knitting--you could design your own scarves! And then charge $95 for them:)

gingela5 said...

Oh that scarf and hat are so cute! if it's juicy though I'm sure it's pricey!

Lump said...

ooooh I love the cold weather! only if Texas had mountains I'd be all about snowboarding.

I need a new scarf too.

Kristen Andrews said...

cute scarf and hat!