Friday, October 8, 2010

Pink Ombre Manicure

I think, technically, you're supposed to take a light color and a dark color and do some mixing. I'm a little lazy and for some reason I have a lot of pinks in my collection (surprise, surprise) so I did it the easy way.

I took the pics with my phone, so excuse the badness. My rechargeable camera batteries aren't holding a charge anymore and as I've mentioned before, I'm a little lazy so I haven't gotten around to buying any yet.

China Glaze White On White
OPI Bubble Bath (my fave)
Essie Fiji
OPI Pink-ing Of You
NYC (not only can I not find a name on it, I also can't even tell you how old this polish is!)

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Judy said...

I like them all!! the pic is pretty! Your cell phone did a good job with it!! :o)

Ali said...

Everytime I see OPI bubble bath it reminds me of Giada on the Food Network:)

angie said...

Thanks, Judy!

Ali - that's why I got it!