Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Pics

A scene from Billy's dad's funeral. There's just something about military funerals.

My grandma died a few months ago and I wanted this platter just to have something of hers. There's dishes to match and it reminds of Wednesday night dinners from ages ago.

I buy more and more Christmas ornaments every year. I promise my tree will not be full of glittered shoes.

I love my tealight candle halloween house. It's sitting on my coffee table.

My baby was sick the other night. Apparently macadamia nuts are really bad for dogs. She's fine now and still cuter than ever, despite the mole thingy growing on her chin. She's still mad that the vet called her Nanny McPhee!

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1 comment:

Ali said...

Nanny McPhee--ha! Funny, peanuts are okay but macadamia nuts, who knew? Scary. Glad she's okay.

Love those Wednesday night dinners.

Sorry about Billy's dad:(