Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just A Few Products I'm In Like With

How come I am just now finding out that Pond's cold cream is the most awesome stuff ever invented? This is seriously the best makeup remover I've ever tried. I used to use a toner (after makeup wipes, and a face wash) just to make sure I've gotten every last bit of makeup off my face - and you should've seen the cotton ball. Yuck. Now, I've ditched the toner. Love this stuff.

I have naturally curly hair that turns into a hot mess if I don't use some sort of no-frizz product. I've been using Catwalk's Curl's Rock for about a year now and it works great. Although, and I'm just being picky here, I hate the goopiness feeling on my hands when I wash up afterward. I also hate the price - it's around $15.

Aussie Instant Freeze hair spray is called that for a reason. Instant freeze. Yes. Exactly. Why does 'flexible hold' even exist? And I love love love the directions - "It's hair spray. You spray it on your hair."

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Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Nice list, I am going to have to try the Pond's cold cream! I wanted to let you know, we just made a whole bunch of flower pens for a fun night, and I made up a few extra, I know you said you liked them. If you want to email me an address, I could send you a few, else no big deal. :)

angie said...

Kim - I'm so excited, I just emailed you!

Ali said...

"instant freeze" is no joke--that stuff works! I'm gonna have to get some Pond's though. I'm needing a good makeup remover. I use baby oil for mascara but that's it.

angie said...

Ali - I used baby oil for a while, although I think I would use too much because everything would look blurry for awhile afterwards!