Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stuff I Want

Yes. Stuff I want. Not necessarily pretty stuff, just stuff. I'm a brilliant writer. Here's some pics-

I'm in desperate need of some new pots and pans. I like these. They're made by Kenmore and they're nice and heavy. The next time they go on sale for $99 again, I'm splurging.

Glass bowls/containers with lids! I want!

I seriously need to do something with my bedroom and I'm determined to use my red lamps that I'm storing at my parents house. I like this from Target. I don't think Maggie will get to lay in this bed all day. Imagine the dog hair. But, her laying in the bed is the only thing stopping her from getting on my red couch. She's bad. Good thing she's cute.

And, lastly, these aren't really for me. I'm quite happy with my dishes, but Billy enjoys eating out of glass pie dishes. Don't ask. These look pretty deep. They're made by Whole Home and I'm thinking about surprising him with a set of 4 plates in red. What a surprise, huh?!


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Grand Pooba said...

I love that bed spread. I want to do something with my room too. It's pretty plain.

angie said...

Pooba (I just can't call you Kelly!) - only thing about the comforter is that it's more off white than white. But, it will actually match my walls better anyway. Downside of fixing it up is that I will have to keep it clean!

Ali said...

I've had Reverware for the past 12 years or so and they've held up well. I just want a huge Paula Deen stock pot!

angie said...

Ali - I'm looking forward to stainless steel. I don't enjoy eating all the non-stick stuff that's coming off into my food!

Mc Allen said...

yeah I love the Target beding too. I have quilts because Ive got a boy Kat that just refuses to believe that this isnt HIS bed!! Great pots and pans, you really do need those ;) xxoo LA

angie said...

Mc Allen - I'm going to feel bad when I start closing the bedroom door, but it's going to be so nice laying down to sleep and not getting dog hair in my mouth! And, yes, I do need those pots and pans!