Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm keeping my pink pictures up on the left since I'm doing a pink post today. I was actually going to do a brown post - I had come across a cute brown hobo bag and it seems like I'm really liking brown bags lately. But then I came across this -

Isn't it lovely? And, I bet, delicious. Pretty in Pink cheesecake from Sak's ($325).

I love pink roses. This is from FTD.

This is a really cute pink polish from OPI. Pink-ing of You. I actually have this and would someday like to start swatching some polish on this site. Oh, the anticipation! :)


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Ali said...

Oh no I could never eat that cheesecake--it's too pretty!

angie said...

Ali, I know what you mean! But cake...yummm...I bet I could do it!