Friday, April 3, 2009

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

It's Food Friday!

I'm trying to lose a few pounds, ok, more like 15, so I'm trying to eat a little better. It's been going pretty good. Especially with recipes like this. I happen to love brussels sprouts, and I've never roasted them before so with Ina Garten's recipe I made them the other night and they were delicious!

I used frozen brussels sprouts and thawed them first. Since I liked them a lot, then maybe fresher would be even better. Also, I really just eyeballed the rest of the ingredients (salt, pepper, olive oil) as well as adding some balsamic vinager and parmesan cheese at the end. If you make these, I highly recommend the balsamic vinegar. I think I did 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Also, since it's Food Friday, I'm going to post pics of the tacos my sister made for me the last time I visited. I'll have to start thinking of something else from her recipes to request for my next visit.

Ok, bad idea posting these because after these pictures I'm pretty sure no one is even thinking about my brussels sprouts now!

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Ali said...

I usually just boil the heck out of brussel sprouts then toss them with butter--your way sounds much healthier! I think I'll give it a try next week!

Grand Pooba said...

You're tellin me! What? You posted about brussel sprouts?

Rocksee said...

Giiiiiiirlll Ina is the BOMB! I am a member of her fan club on Facebook! She's super!

And I love brussel sprouts I am gonna try it next week :)

and sista they've got camo uggs and flowered uggs and shiny silver uggs that look like you just got off the space shuttle! I LOVE IT!

Kas said...

I LOVE Brussel Sprouts! I'm seriously excited to try that recipe!!!

Hi from a fellow SITSTA!!!

AP said...

oh that all look soo good!! thanks for stopping by, guess what!! you won my giveaway!!
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Jenn Peacock said...

My husband loves brussels! I think he will also love this recipe!

Cascia said...

All of that looks so good! And healthy too! I love Brussel Sprouts. Thanks for sharing!

Orr's said...

Brussel whats? Those look friggin delicious.

glenna said...

Nice to know someone else who actually likes brussel sprouts.
I can come out of the brussel sprout closet without fear!

NJDecorator said...

I like to add crispy turkey bacon to my's good.