Monday, April 20, 2009


I can't really do a weekend recap, because I didn't do anything exciting. I know, when has that ever stopped me? Random stuff, here we go -

1. Stopped by Toys R Us this weekend for my sister. She's getting her youngest these signs for his birthday, and so I posed with them and sent the pic from my phone just to make sure. I wanted to post this picture to show off my purse. I'm still loving it.

2. Horrible picture, but these are some of the kites that people fly near where I live. Wish the picture showed just how neat these really are. Do people still say neat? The third one reminds of a scary black floaty ghost dream I once had, not to be confused with the scary mummy ghost dream.

3. Hey Ali, you like Michael Kors. Saw these cute shoes on the Dillard's website ($110).
He also makes some pretty cute flip flops ($49). They come in red too, but I like these black ones!4. Can't stop playing typeracer.

5. Watched Nights in Rodanthe this past weekend. Got it thinking it might be fun to have a good cry. It didn't do anything for me though.

Hope everyone else's weekend was a bit more exciting! See you Wednesday!

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Ali said...

He is going to love those signs! And I love those flipflops! I want them, please.

Grand Pooba said...

LOVE the purse! I'm glad you took a picture of it..I mean, the signs.

MaryRC said...

ditto on the flip flops, and great purse! i was in a coach outlet today. i had to keep reminding myself "were in a recession" but the prices were AMAZING!! fakes couldnt be less.

thanks for stopping by my blog via sits.

Kristen Andrews said...

those are some cute shoes, and the purse is fab. I need those signs for Will.

Cascia said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I can't believe that it is Thursday already. Time sure goes fast.

Ingrid said...

Love the purse.....did you see Coach came out with a new line of purses?