Monday, September 22, 2008

Bitten SJP

Sex and the City: The Movie comes out on dvd Tuesday! Did everyone get a chance to see it at the theater? Me and Billy went on a Wednesday morning and we were the only ones there. Actually, that was why we went on a weekday morning. If you want to torture me a little bit, just send me to the movies on a Friday night. I can't remember what sort of reviews the Sex and the City movie got when it hit theaters, but I don't pay much attention to reviews anyway. I'm pretty easily entertained. I liked it. I laughed and I cried. Billy also laughed and cried. Something happened that I thought was cheesey and when I turned to him to snark about it, he was tearing up. I probably should have been more sensitive to his feelings, instead I think I said, "Are you kidding me?" For the record, I may have dragged him to this one, but he picked the next one - Wanted. When I asked what it was about, all he said was something about Angelina Jolie, naked, and tattoos.

I really didn't bring up Sex and the City just to make fun of Billy. I wanted to talk a little about Sarah Jessica Parker and her Bitten line sold at Steve and Barry's. I was looking through a magazine and saw a pair of cute ankle boots for $10.

I've never been to Steve and Barry's and didn't even think there was one in Arkansas. Turns out there's 2! The one in Hot Springs is closing soon (according to the website), so hopefully I can pick up a few deals. The clothes look a little junior-ish to me, but there's a few nice things. I wish I could post some pics, but it's not working out. You will just have to trust me about the denim trench being adorable. There's some nice clutches and a cute tan bag she's calling a work tote. I wonder how the jeans fit. It looks like almost everything is $8.98, definitely nothing over $20.

Anyone a fan of Bitten? Affordable or just cheap?

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ali said...

How on earth is she selling stuff for under $20?! Yeah, I'd be worried that it's not the greatest quality.

I'm a big Sopranos fan but never watched SATC. I think I'm in the minority!

angie said...

Ali - And I have never watched the Sopranos!

Merrie said...

I've never tried the clothes (nor seen them in person) but it's supposed to be a great deal. She didn't want to produce a line that was unaffordable. *cough*gwenstefani*cough*

Judy said...

Angie, I have never seen SATC, maybe I am missing something pretty good? :o) I have watched the Sopranos, and enjoyed them. Let me know about the bargain clothes when I see you next!!

angie said...

Merrie - Yeah, even in Gwen's "more affordable" line Harajuku Lovers, you still have to pay $40 for a tshirt!

angie said...

Judy - I meant to watch the Sopranos when it was on A&E, but I just never did. Maybe one of these days I'll rent each season.