Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Oil

I've always got baby oil around the house and I have recently discovered a few more uses for it other than just adding it to my bath or putting it on right after.

Baby oil and lotion. Just put a little oil in your hand and then add lotion. It gives a great shine to your legs or arms without being too oily.

Baby oil as a makeup remover. It works great for removing mascara and eye makeup. But I would only use it if I ran out of my makeup remover wipes. Even though it makes the area around my eyes really soft, I would be too afraid of possible breakouts.

Baby oil and sugar as a foot scrub. I love this idea. With a little sugar in your hand, add oil. It feels really, really good. I did this before I used my foot spa the other night and my feet were super soft afterward.

Baby oil and used coffee grounds as a cellulite reducer. I haven't tried this since I don't even own a coffee maker, but I read that it works. Temporarily. In the shower (it's messy), massage oil and used grounds on the backs of your thighs. Rinse off and you should see a difference. Has anyone tried this? Let me know if it works.

So, if you have baby oil around the house, I highly recommend these tips. Know of any others? Leave them in the comments!

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ali said...

I like the idea of adding sugar for a foot scrub. And sadly, I do have reason to try the cellulite reducer:(

I want the chocolate bowling pin (in your pictures)! Mmmmmm!

angie said...

Ali - Try the foot scrub! Either lay a towel down or sit on the front porch. Not the back porch or the huskies would be licking your feet. Sak's also had a chocolate purse - I may post more of those pics later.

Judy said...

Great tips, Angie! Enjoyed reading them, and might try the foot scrub~

angie said...

Judy - The foot scrub really is great. I think I will try it again Friday night for an end of the week treat.