Monday, July 14, 2008

My Favorite Shoes

I thought I would talk about shoes today and since it is Nascar Monday at Ali's blog, these are for her:

Notice the wheel thingie on front and there are 2 racing flags on that back rubber thing (you're spared from seeing it in the pic). It might be a cute summer shoe if not for the rubber thing. And, well, the wheel too. But still, for $138 ($137.70, I think I can find something better to wear during the summer. Like these:

Wow. That's a big picture of my feet on the internet. I know it's a little blurry, but it makes me feel less exposed. Anyway, I love these shoes. They are Canyon River Blues from Sears and I've had them a few years now, so I don't remember how much they were. I think on sale and with an additional % off, they were around $20. I've definitely gotten my moneys worth out of them. They are pretty comfortable and I wear them all the time in the summer with denim capris. Although, they do look cute in the pic with my $11 sundress from Walmart that I put on everyday after work. The first time I put them on this year I actually declared out loud that it is officially summer now. I guess that's one reason I like them so much - they give me that happy summer feeling. So what's your favorite pair of summer shoes? Do they make you smile or are they comfortable? Or, (preferably) both?

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ali said...

I like nascar but not THAT much! Yuck! My favorite summertime shoes are my brown flip flops that came from Payless a couple of years ago. I think I can get away with wearing them the rest of the summer but next year I'm getting some new summer shoes.

Anonymous said...

Who knew they made shoes like that? right with ya Ali yuck!!!!
My fav. summertime shoes is any old navy flip flop I think I have them in every color imaginable but they are so comfy....
Love your shoes in the pic by the way they are too cute :)

angie said...

Yeah, if I'm not wearing my wedges, I probably have flip flops on!