Monday, July 21, 2008

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

I'm not really into sunglasses that much because it's so hard to find ones that look good on me. I just don't have the face for them. If I'm in desperate need of a pair, I make sure to have someone else with me to give a 'yes' or a 'no.' And for every yes there are about 10 nos. I have 2 pairs that I like - one has almost clear lenses and the other is dark and oversized, which surprisingly looks pretty good on me. And I think they were both $5. It wasn't until I got into Coach that I started really looking at sunglasses as more than just shades to keep me from squinting (although that's pretty important - just ask the gigantic crease in between my eyes). But old habits die hard, and I still can't bring myself to pay a lot for sunglasses. And so, I baby-stepped my way to TJMaxx and found these Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses for $30. I really like them - they fit good on my nose, I like the wide sides, and they actually look pretty good on me. I highly recommend TJMaxx for sunglasses. They also had a pair of Kate Spades (I'm kicking myself a little for not getting those - I always liked her stuff, way before Coach) and a pair of Baby Phats (I'm kicking myself for not getting those too because they were $10!).

Your turn! Tell me about your sunnies! Do you just throw on the ones that have been stepped on and fit crooked? Or maybe you're a little bit addicted and buy a new pair every month? Or maybe you just wear a hat?

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ali said...

Nice sunglasses! I usually just pick up a cheap pair from Walmart and they always fall apart by the time summer's over. I guess I need to pay a little more than $3.98 for durablility, huh?!

angie said...

Ali - Can't beat that price, and you get to pick out a new pair each year!