Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012

Today is my birthday and since it's my birthday, I'm being totally vain and posting a picture of myself. I'm 39. Wow. That pic is me at the young age of 38.

I opened cards and presents while having breakfast (crumb cake and mini chocolate cupcakes) in bed. Billy planted 4 rosebushes I got with birthday money. I think I'll go back tomorrow and get 4 more. I can't wait to have a row of blooming rosebushes. I had my first shamrock shake from Mcd's - yum. And, because I've been wearing my pj's since 3 this afternoon and I didn't feel like putting on real clothes, we got take out from Chili's.

It was a great day!

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Ali said...

I had a great birthday, too--cards, a little cash, Italian take out, chocolate pie, a birthday nap and Springsteen's new cd. We should do something BIG for our 40th!

angie said...

Hmmm...I really enjoy my quiet birthdays, but yeah, maybe we should do something different next year!