Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Of A Kind Artwork

My nephews came to visit me a couple weeks ago and we did a zillion things - making dinosaur eggs, baking monkey bread, going to Playtime Pizza (no one wants to ride with me on the go karts because I'm sloooooowww), and going to a baseball game. And...creating great masterpieces of art. On the left is 'Cubes and Tornadoes', and on the right is 'Stripes'. I love them and they look absolutely fabulous above my fireplace.

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Ali said...

At least you had the guts to ride the go karts--I won't go near them! Except to take pics:)

angie said...

Ali - I enjoyed the nice leisurely drive! I'll do better next time - although I really don't think they'll ride with me!