Saturday, April 10, 2010

27 Dresses

Well, not quite 27. I could probably post more pics, but I'll spare everyone and just post a few. I actually haven't tried on that many dresses yet. Kind of waiting for a few more pounds to drop, but eating better and exercising - not my favorite things.

Not a wedding dress, but I love it. It's Michael Kors. Anyone see it on The View?

I originally wanted something like this. Without the gold.

But I think I'm going for a halter dress now. This is actually a bridesmaid dress. So pretty. Wonder if I'd like the bow in real life?


Definitely more of a traditional wedding dress than the others, but HOT! I love it!

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Ali said...

I like the fourth one--super cute!

angie said...

Ali - I know! I'm thinking that's at Alfred Angelo's. I'll have to make an appointment sometime.

Putz said...

HOW COULD YOU REMAIN THE prettiest girl I KNOW IF YOU GO OFF YOUR DIET>>>>THink about that for awhile, will you?????????????

angie said...

Putz - Hahahahaha!!!