Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

I never did jump on the Cover Girl Lash Blast bandwagon, although I would still like to try it one day. I have been using Maybelline Great Lash for a while, can't go wrong with the pink and green. But, I kept seeing these Loreal commercials that mentioned 'beauty tubes,' and knew that would be the next mascara that I try. The first step is the base coat, which is supposed to protect, nourish, and strengthen. The second step is the mascara itself, "it envelopes your lashes in small tubes that act like lash-lengthening extensions." It claims that lashes will look UP TO 80% percent longer. I guess, that's compared to naked lashes, in which I would agree. But, I don't really know if I could tell a difference, as far as length, comparing it with Great Lash. Maybe. Maybe I need more practice applying it. I do know that it stayed on, and still looked really good 18 hours later. I guess that's why the package mentions that you may need to soak your lashes with warm water for 30 seconds. I really didn't find it that difficult, especially with my makeup remover wipes. All said, I liked it.

Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara ($8.87, Walmart)

Pros - nourishing, super long wearing
Cons - 2 steps, just a tiny bit more difficult to remove

What's your favorite mascara?

I've been slacking on my Harajuku Lovers fragrance reviews. The last sample I tried was Baby. It's described as "a powdery musk. Fresh. Clean. Soft." I was looking forward to it, because I was expecting something like Loves Baby Soft. It was sweeter than Loves, but did have a powdery scent to it. I promise I will hurry up and try Music, so I can officially proclaim G as my favorite (still loving the coconut scent!).

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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Shannon said...

My favorite mascaras are from Clinique -- I love both their high definition and their high impact mascaras. I used to use the good old Maybelline pink & green for years but my eyes water a lot, especially when I'm laughing or cold, so I always had a problem of my mascara running all over my face or around my eyes and I hate waterproof mascara. With Clinique, I don't even know if they sell waterproof but their mascaras don't run unless in a hot shower. And in a hot shower, it rinses off thoroughly and cleanly without leaving giant black pools under your eyes (which also happens with Maybelline). Anyway, I'm loving Clinique's mascaras!

Ali said...

I did go out and buy the Lash Blast and I'm pretty happy with it. Although, after smothering my 4 yr old with smooches all day, it ends up under my eye and I have to touch it up before I head out to school in the afternoons!

Kristen Andrews said...

my fav is the mabelline green tube

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, I've been wanting to try that mascara! I love your blog...I get to hear about all these cute things you enjoy.

I'm gonna try it and see what I think too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(I Love Gwen stuff too)

Lump said...

my fav mascara is any mascara that is NOT waterproof. that's it! ;) I will wear the cheap shit! haha