Monday, August 4, 2008

Wet 'n' Wild

I really only use 3 different eyeshadows. One is a dark gray, one is a dark brown, and the other is Wet 'n' Wild Silk Finish Blush in All Over Shimmer ($2.99, Kmart). It's sold as a blush, but who doesn't use blush as eyeshadow? Actually, I do sometimes put a little on my cheeks, but I tone it down by putting my regular blush or bronzer over it. It's great by itself, especially with a red lip. And it works really well when you want to blend different colors.

I mentioned the Kmart price because I happened to stop by there yesterday. Billy and I went to Chili's for dessert - chocolate molten lava cake, yummmm. There's a Kmart across the street and he said if I would pull in there (he had seen a drum tshirt there the other day and decided to get it) he would buy me something. Yay! A present! I picked out OPI nail polish in Pinking of You. I really wanted to do my nails right then, but my toenails are blue - a surprise for my oldest nephew. He likes blue. And, also my feet. Anyway, I thought that might look a little silly, so it will have to wait.

But, back to Wet 'n' Wild All Over Shimmer - highly recommended, love it, go buy it. How about you - got a favorite eyeshadow? I need to expand beyond my normal 3, so I may give it a try.

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1 comment:

ali said...

Actually, I never thought of using blush as eyeshadow--I'll have to try it. I do a black and brown, too.