Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012

I wanted to blog about my pregnancy before now, just to keep track of things for myself really, but I'm just soooo lazy.  Here we are at 11 weeks!  And we are actually at 14 weeks right now.  All of my doctor visits and tests have come back with great results - yay! 

Let's see...things to remember...

I kinda knew at 5 weeks because of the very faint line on the pregnancy test.  Billy said he didn't even see a line and that I was just wanting to see one.  I didn't rely on the missing period because I had a crazy period thing a few months earlier. So, we didn't know for sure until I took another one an entire week later.  Which was about the time the 'morning sickness' kicked in.  For me, I would describe it as just a general feeling of grossness and thankfully it only lasted weeks 6-9.  Dear readers, you may want to skip this next sentence.  My boobs were mega sore for awhile and now I'm having to deal with constipation.  And... we're back.  No food issues or cravings.  And, also, I can still brush my teeth (couldn't with Ruthie).  I started showing pretty early.  I wore maternity jeans to my 11 week appointment and at 13 (or was it 12?) weeks I started wearing maternity pants to work.  I'm pretty sure I have felt flutters, but the internet says I'm not supposed to yet, so I'm hesitant to mention that out loud.

Of course, we don't know it it's a boy or girl yet. I'm guessing a girl this time.  We've been trying to think of names and so far we only agree on one...Mars Curiosity.

(I'm just kidding about the name, but we seriously crack ourselves up whenever we tell people that!)


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Ali said...

I remember not being able to brush my teeth when I was pregnant with the boys not to mention a couple of other unmentionables, yuck.

Glad to see you writing this experience down because time and pregnancy brain will make you forget!