Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a Few Things I Like

These make my diet possible. In fact, all during my salad and baked chicken, all I'm thinking about is my one piece of chocolate for dessert. Love the raspberry cremes and coconut, too. Hershey's also makes a really good sugar free caramel filled. Yum!

You need to try this polish. Staying power is great. It has a basecoat and topcoat already in it, but I must admit, it's hard for me not to apply them separately anyway. I have one (a blue slate color called Gray on Gray), but I want more - including the color above, Commander in Chic.

I could wear my silver hoops everyday. Which is why I need a pair with diamonds. Makes sense, right?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Birthday Present Ever!

I'm engaged! That's a horrible camera phone picture, I'm too lazy to upload good digital camera pics to the computer. At least I have pretty polish on - OPI Pink-o de Gallo.

Here's another pic -

So pretty. I've already tried on a few wedding bands and while the solitaire was easy to pick, I'm having a hard time choosing a band. Not to mention a dress, the cake, flowers, the date, and the place. But not the shoes!

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